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4 Reasons To Try Functional Cotton-Bamboo Blend Clothing

4 Reasons To Try Functional Cotton-Bamboo Blend Clothing

Wouldn't it be great if there were clothes that could be worn for workouts or out to dinner? Luckily, two Arizona physical fitness buffs asked themselves the same question and then designed a line of versatile Gym to Dinner Clothing. Their company, blended apparel, features several men's and women's pieces, most made with a bamboo-cotton blend material. Each good-looking article can be dressed up or down and used to expand wardrobes without breaking the bank.

Bamboo Adds Unique Properties to Fabric

Brandon and Madison Barczak are the fitness enthusiasts who created the new blended apparel. They had comfort, style and function in mind. As a bonus, their material choice will also appeal to the environmentally responsible. Most items are made with fabric that includes two of the most eco-friendly raw materials in the world, cotton and bamboo. Each is a renewable, biodegradable and sustainable. Cotton is an extremely breathable fabric that doesn't absorb sweat. It also insulates, which helps keep wearers warmer in winter and cooler in the heat. Bamboo is even greener because no pesticides are necessary to grow it. It is extremely soft and feels good next to the skin. In fact, bamboo fabric is ideal for those with allergies. When the owners of the new company chose to use a cotton-bamboo blend, they created an exceptionally comfortable Arizona clothing brand that is ideal for any climate.

Women's Apparel Offers Hard-Working Chic

Although the idea for the new line began with workout clothing Arizona creators wanted to provide style that would take pieces anywhere. That is especially evident in their chic women's apparel. For example, customers can choose a black, sleeveless tee that combines a crew neck with flattering low cut sides. It is very soft and designed to hug the body, which helps women stay comfortable during workouts. Available in small, medium and large sizes, it works hard during exercise and can seamlessly transition to evening when paired with slacks, jeans or a skirt. The company also offers a unique heather gray sweatshirt dress. It hits about mid-thigh and features both a hoodie and front pocket. Wearers can easily adapt for use as a tunic top. Both the tee and dress sell for under $40.

Men's Clothing Combines Comfort and Style

There are stylish workout-to-dinner options for men, too. They include a good-looking, short-sleeved hoodie tee with a front pocket. It is sold in gray and white. There is also an ultra-soft, slim fit long pocket men's tee with a rounded hem that falls below the waist. It is available in black or Sea Blue. Shoppers can also find slim fit, comfortable fleece shorts that include a draw string front.

Thanks to a couple of enterprising fitness fans, it is now possible to find a line of comfortable clothing that works at the gym or at dinner. Their new company offers attractive, affordable items for both men and women.